jarry Magazine

Leah Kirts, on Queerness and Veganism

A Q&A with queer food journal Jarry Magazine about the historical scholarship of radical queer ecofeminists and what drew me to this research. April 2019.

jeanne magazine


A Q&A with French lesbian publication Jeanne Magazine about antispeciesism and queering liberation across social justice movements. Published April 2019.

meatless: a podcast about eating

Leah Kirts: A conversation on nutrition education and teaching children about veganism

A discussion with Alicia Kennedy about my work as a food writer and nutrition teacher. We cover my upbringing in rural Indiana, my path to becoming vegan and teaching/queering veganism. Aired July 2018.

Heritage Radio Network

Changing the Conversation: discussing gender, racial and LGBTQ equity in food media

I was a panelist alongside Mayukh Sen, Vonnie Williams and Yemi Amu on a podcast crossover event, recorded before a live audience. Hosted by Korsha Wilson of A Hungry Society and Sari Kamin of Food Without Borders. June 2018.

Meat + Three

episode 6: pride!

An interview with Hannah Fordin on Heritage Radio Network. We talk about coming out as queer and vegan and how the two identities overlap. June 2018. 

Food Writers' Workshop

The Business of Being a Freelancer 

I moderated a panel of food media experts, Von Diaz, Aaron Hutcherson and Carly Fisher, who offer practical tips on the ins and outs of freelancing. Recorded live. April 2018.

New york university food studies Program

Communication in Food Media

I was a panelist alongside Allie Wist and CB Owens discussing freelance food writing and pitching at a workshop for an undergraduate Food Studies course taught by Jasmine Nielson. April 2018 & December 2018.

New york university fales library & special collections

Critical Topics in Food: The Lasting Impact of Gay Men on Food

A conversation with co-panelists John Birdsall, Lukas Volger, Mayukh Sen and Mitchell Davis. I talked about the connections between queerness, veganism and sexism in food media. Moderated by Clark Wolf. October 2017.


Connections: Hands. Hearts. Minds

I presented my research on queer vegans and how personal narratives inform art and activism. Organized by Teen Arts Council. May 2017. 

New York University Steinhardt Research & Scholarship Showcase

Ecofeminism and gender equity in global agriculture

I presented my research on sustainable farming and women’s rights. April 2015. 

Harvard University

Just Food? Forum on Justice in the Food System

I was a panelist on Gender Politics in the US Food System panel discussing research on ecofeminism and gender equity in global agriculture. March 2015.